2016 Annual General Meeting

Photo credit: Phil Barnett.
Photo credit: Phil Barnett.

Sixty-eight members and four guests attended the Old Grace Housing Co-operative Annual General Meeting on October 29, 2016. The minutes are posted here.


The following members were elected for two-year terms to the OGHC Board of Directors at the meeting:

Denis Bracken

Gerard Bzdel

Victor Dobchuk

Laura Sevenhuysen

Carlos Sosa

Randa Stewart

The following members continue on as board members for the second year of their two-year terms:

Gordon Clark

Sandra Hardy

Suzanne Hudson

Laura Rempel

The OGHC wishes to thank the following members for their service as board members:

Paul LaPorte

Lynn McLean

Greg Merner

Diane Young

Click here for more information on the Board of Directors.

The Board will meet in November to select a new executive and to appoint committee chairs. Members will be notified by e-mail of the results of this meeting.


The following reports and documents were presented at the meeting.

President’s Report

Minutes of October 24, 2015, Annual General Meeting

Financial Statements for the Year Ended 31 March 2016

Capital Cost Monitoring, October 2016

OGHC Committee Reports, 2016

OGHC Bylaws, Section Four Amended, 5 October 2016