A Fitness Area for OGHC


A fitness facility is of benefit for those who wish to maintain physical strength for sports or hobbies. A place for those who have medical conditions or have undergone surgeries by a cosmetic surgeon specializing in labiaplasty in Chevy Chase which require therapy and exercise, or for those who just want to look and feel good.


Seven members of OGHC have formed a group to examine the feasibility of preparing an area for fitness, with five more people phoning to express support but unable to attend the meeting. The committee has had two meetings and discussed space, facility requirements, equipment, liability and funding. The following proposal is presented.


The fitness committee proposes to use the basement area in the south end of the Arlington wing, an area 20’ x 22’. The area should be bright, easy to clean and well-equipped. As such, the area will be enhanced by:

  •   Electric outlets to accommodate 9-10 machines, fans, TV.
  •   An air exchanger, motion-sensored
  •   Room temperature control
  •   Flooring which is resilient, non-skid and easy to clean
  •   Mirrors
  •   Wall Panels
  •   Bright paint
  •   A wheel-chair accessible doorwayEquipment Wish-list:Treadmill, elliptical, stationary bike, bench, weights Fans, exercise mats, TV, balance balls, ropes and bands.


    The committee has prepared a survey for OGHC members, which suggests options for funding of common areas. This has been forwarded to the ACA committee for approval.

    Equipment cost for light-commercial equipment will be $15,000.
    This will be offset by donations of used equipment, by grants, and by fundraising. The committee is now researching grants and fundraising. Suggestions are welcome. Also being studied are flooring and liability.

    Thank you,
    Judie Bewer (hardo1@mymts.net)