Waiting list for units

  1. When operating, the co-op will have two waiting lists. The Internal Waiting List consists of co-op residents who need / want to change units. The External Waiting List is made up of applicants who have been approved for co-op membership and are waiting for a suitable unit to become vacant.
  2. The Internal Waiting List will normally have priority over the External Waiting [See OGHC Waiting List and Unit Allocation Policy].


Definition of Interim Member

  1. Since the project’s conception in 2012, individuals in favour of developing a housing co-operative at 189 Evanson Street were invited to become Interim Members of Old Grace Non-profit Housing Co-operative Ltd.
  2. These individuals paid an Interim Membership fee, and verified that they:
  • were in agreement with the general principles of the co-operative movement and those which apply specifically to OGHC.
  • supported the principle of consensus decision-making, and the expectation that members participate as fully as possible in the decision-making and other volunteer work required for the co-op to remain viable.
  • understood that Interim Membership would not automatically guarantee them a housing unit in the new co-op.


  1. The Waiting List for Initial Residents will be used to allocate units to Interim Members of Old Grace Housing Co-operative who wish to become residents as soon as the co-op’s building is completed.
  2. Priority on the Waiting List for Initial Residents will be based on the date that Interim Members paid their one-time fee to become supporters of OGHC. Any exceptions to priority by date will require approval by the OGHC Board of Directors.
  3. Waiting List information is protected by federal and provincial legislation for the protection of personal information and will remain confidential at all times.


  1. The Waiting List for Initial Residents will be established and maintained by the Membership Committee until all 60 units in the Co-op have been allocated.
  2. When completing the Membership Application Form, applicants will be asked to identify their first, second and third choices of unit (either by general location in the building, or by specific unit number).
  3. Applicants will submit a deposit with their Membership Application, to demonstrate their sincere interest in becoming initial residents of the co-op. The amount of the deposit will be determined by the OGHC Board of Directors. Deposits can be paid by check or electronic transfer.
  4. The Membership Committee will review all applications submitted, checking for completeness and accuracy (eg that the household does qualify for the unit size requested). Applicants will be contacted by the Membership Committee for additional information, if necessary.
  5. The Membership Committee will supervise the process of allocating units to applicants, according to their position on the Waiting List for Initial Residents.
  6. In the event that an applicant’s first choice of unit is unavailable, his/her second choice of unit will be allocated, followed by the third choice if necessary. Applicants will be informed of the result within 2 working days of unit allocation.
  7. In the event that none of the three unit choices are available, the applicant will be contacted by the Membership Committee and given the opportunity to select another unit from those still available, or to withdraw his/her application.
  8. Applicants’ deposits will be fully refundable if the applicant decides to withdraw at this point, or at any time prior to signing the Offering Statement.
  9. If an applicant withdraws his/her deposit after unit allocation, the newly-available unit will be offered to other initial residents (see Internal Waiting List procedure, below).
  10. Once the Offering Statement is signed, the applicant is legally committed to paying his/her Member Share in full before construction begins. This money cannot be refunded until the project is completed.



  1. If a unit allocated to an initial resident becomes available prior to the housing complex being completed, the unit will first be offered to other initial residents.
  2. If all units have been allocated, the designation of the available unit as affordable or market housing should be retained to ensure that the co-op has thirty affordable units occupied.
  3. If two or more initial residents, eligible for this type of housing, are interested in occupying the available unit, their relative positions on the Waiting List for Initial Residents will be used to establish priority.
  4. As necessary, this process will be repeated with other initial residents.
  5. The remaining available unit will then be offered to eligible applicants on the External Waiting List.
  6. Switching units prior to occupancy will only be allowed if the transaction does not reduce the amount of money available to the co-op for building construction.


Since initial residents of the co-op will have waited almost two years to occupy their unit, the standard requirement for a one year minimum period of residency before requesting an internal transfer will be waived. [See OGHC Waiting List and Unit Allocation Policy for details on applying for a unit transfer].



  1. If a unit becomes available, it will be offered to applicants on the External Waiting List in order, based on the date they applied for Interim Membership, and their eligibility for that size and type of unit.
  2. New applicants for Interim Membership in OGHC will be added to the External Waiting List according to the date they applied for membership if they paid the fee required within 14 days of submitting their on-line application form.
  3. If the fee was received later than this, the Interim Member’s name will be added to the External Waiting List based on the date payment was actually received, rather than the date the on-line Interim Membership application was received.


  1. In an operating housing co-op, applicants are approved for membership prior to unit occupancy but do not become full members of the co-op, with voting privileges, until they become occupants.
  2. When Old Grace Housing Co-operative is completed, Interim Members will retain their priority on the External Waiting List. They will be invited to attend social events and members meetings as guests, but will not be able to vote.
  3. When they accept an available unit, these previous Interim Members will pay their Member Share but will not be asked to pay an additional membership fee.