Acoustic or electronic piano

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  • Photo (if possible)

Preferably, a digital electronic piano should include:

  • weighted keys- 58 keys minimum
  • capacity to transpose keys
  • Simple array of sounds is preferable with a good piano sound for a hall
  • built in speakers that provide decent volume without distortion when used without amplification-amplification would be necessary, of course, for larger events
  • a bench would be nice but not necessary
  • Yamaha, Kawai, Roland are good brands

Preferably an acoustic piano should:

  • Keep its tune well- even in winter (1-2 tunings per year required- no more)
  • Have keys in good shape
  • Have a sound board that is not cracked, but if it is, has been ok’d by a piano tuner-often these pianos work fine, having settled into our climate for dozens of years
  • Have good rolling casters
  • apartment sized preferable but upright is fine

North American brands (keep their tuning better)