The Old Grace Housing Co-operative is a membership-based organization. It was created to establish a non-profit housing co-operative on the site of the original Grace Hospital at Arlington and Preston in Winnipeg’s Wolseley neighbourhood. Construction has started on 60-suite building. It is expected that it will be ready for occupancy by early 2018. (Click here to see our bylaws, policies, and house rules.)

You can join the Old Grace Housing Co-operative by taking out a $50 membership which is fully refundable. You can join by filling out this application form.

Joining gives you the right to:

1) fully participate in all decision-making prior to opening of the co-op

2) apply for a suite in the co-op from the list of available suites.

3) take a place on the waiting list for suites that are not currently available. (Places on the waiting list are assigned in the order in which members join.)


If you decide to apply for a suite once you have paid your $50 membership fee, you will be required to make deposit. The amount of this deposit will depend upon your family’s financial situation. Members who qualify for the Manitoba government’s Rent Supplement (RS) program are required to pay a deposit of $500. Members who qualify for the Affordable Housing Rental Program are required to pay $1,000. Members who do not qualify for either of these programs are required to pay $2,500. Currently all rent supplement (also known as rent-geared-to income) suites have been assigned.

If your application is approved, you will have to purchase additional member shares. The number of member shares that you have to purchase will depend on your financial circumstances and the size of the suite. (Your deposit will be credited towards the share cost.)

A suite is not assigned to a member until the member pays their full share amount. The current member share costs are set out in the following table. Member shares are refunded when members leave the co-operative.


Bedrooms Market Shares Affordable Shares
1 $72,000 $16,000
2 $92,000 $20,000
3 $112,000 $24,000
4 $132,000 $28,000


For the prices of currently available suites, please see Available suites.

When the building is opened, members will be required to pay a monthly occupancy charge. The occupancy charge covers the mortgage, property taxes, building insurance, utility charges (such as electricity, heat, sewer, and water), administration costs, repairs, maintenance, and reserves. This charge is based on the size of the suite and is equal to the median market rents for similar suites in the City of Winnipeg. The following table shows the monthly occupancy charges based on the projected 2017 median market rents.


Monthly occupancy charges

Bedrooms Monthly Occupancy Charge
1 $889
2 $1,135
3 $1,254
4 $1,528

 More information about costs and shares are available in our Frequently Asked Questions and in our page on Share prices and occupancy charges.