Sewing Craft Area Supplies

Sewing machines

Portable Electric sewing machines with zig zag function (2 or more) (preferably with carrying case)

Electric serger (preferably with carrying case)

Bobbins and bobbin organizer

Sewing machine oil

Sewing machine and serger needles

Fabric Cutting

Fabric shears

Pinking shears

Rotary cutters and mats (large size)

Electric scissors

Straight pins; pattern weights; pin cushions

Pressing equipment

Steam irons

Ironing Boards (table top and standard)

Assorted pressing equipment (sleeve board, tailor hams, etc.)

Portable steamer ?

Measuring and Marking

Tape measures and seam guides

Fabric marking pencils; chalk

Miscellaneous supplies

Thread and thread storage

Small first aid kit

Storage containers for supplies

Upholstery tools

Portable hanging rack ?

Quilting frame ?

Task lighting ?

Work areas

Large worktables (counter top height) for cutting, marking, pressing possibly with storage underneath (old kitchen or lab cupboards would work)

Lower worktables for sewing, crafts (foldable ? )

Lockable storage cabinets