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I am excited to be moving into Old Grace Housing Coop, since collectivism (and indeed socialism) is one of the two great traditions that I have inherited.
I was born in Germany, just a few years after the Nazi dictatorship and the Holocaust, and members of my family were persecuted both as Jews and as socialists. Political awareness and social engagement have shaped my life, yet in the past years dedication to Jewish learning and Jewish practice have stood at the center of my activities.
I teach Jewish and European history at the University of Manitoba, belong to an orthodox synagogue, and am an observant Jew. OGHC’s commitment to communitarianism, egalitarianism, social action, and ecological responsibility speaks to the overtly political dimension of who I am.
Thus, I am thrilled that living in OGHC promises to help me achieve a more fully developed balance between spiritual attunement and political responsiveness. 
--Ben Baader