For as little as $25, you can make a significant contribution to the landscaping of the Old Grace Housing Co-operative grounds.

We will be planting more than 30 shade, evergreen and fruit trees, dozens of shrubs, and hundreds of smaller plants from roses to grape vines.

An informal membership fundraising campaign has raised over $8,500 to date in tree and flowerbed sponsorships. Now we are offering all our members the opportunity to sponsor a planting.

You can sponsor:

  • One of more than 400 perennials for $25 a plant.
  • One of more than 130 shrubs for $35 a plant.
  • One of 13 varieties of roses for $50 a plant.
  • A large tree for $500.
  • A small tree for $350.
  • General donations to the landscaping fund are also welcome.

You can download an order form here. Donations to Old Grace Housing Co-operative are not tax receiptable.

Keep reading to see what we are planning to plant. And click here to see our general landscaping plan.

Perennials: $25 sponsorship

Shrubs: $50 sponsorship

Large Street Side Trees: $500 sponsorship

Small Street Side Trees: $350 Sponsorship

Courtyard Trees: $500 Sponsorship

Seven-variety peony bed

$750 for entire bed
Peony. Sponsored.

Two-variety vineyard

$250 for entire vineyard
Wild Grapes. Sponsored.


You can learn more about our plantings here.

All photographs courtesy Shelmerdine Garden Centre.