Parking policy


It is recognized that there are circumstances, such as employment demands, childcare arrangements or decreased mobility which create a legitimate need for vehicle ownership, particularly in the light of shortcomings in the public transportation system.

This policy is a reflection of OGHC’s principles and the need to balance competing interests, viz:

a. OGHC’s commitment to reduce its carbon footprint by encouraging resident members to consider alternatives to personal vehicle ownership (such as Peg City Car Co-op or private car-sharing).

b. OGHC’s desire to minimize the space used for parking in order to maximize the space available to members as green space and common areas.

c. OGHC’s commitment to avoid having a negative impact on the surrounding neighbourhood, through overuse of street parking by co-op residents or visitors.

Some implications of the above considerations are:

d. From the start, the project was designed with less than a 1:1 ratio of parking spaces to suites. When both phases of the project were completed, the co-op had 44 parking spaces (29 on the Arlington Street site, 15 on the Evanson Street site) for 64 households.

e. Of the 44 parking spaces:

  • a minimum of 3 spaces on the Arlington site are designated as wheel-chair accessible parking (wider spaces). Two wheel-chair accessible parking spaces are available on the Evanson site, for allocation to co-op members upon request.
  • 3 parking spaces are set aside for Peg City Car Co-op vehicles (2 on the Arlington site, 1 on Evanson).
  • a minimum of 2 spaces are designated for short-term parking (for visitors, co-op staff, or tradespeople).

f. Only 1 parking space is available per household. Vehicles which exceed the length, width or height capacity of the co-op’s parking spaces cannot be accommodated. No other items must be stored in a parking space.


The Board will appoint a Parking Team of 2-3 co-op members with responsibility and authority to administer this parking policy.

The Parking Team will:

  1. Establish procedures for dealing with the wait list for parking, registration of vehicles, assignment of parking spaces, relocation requests and any parking-related complaints from members.
  2. Determine the division of duties between the co-op’s property management company and the Parking Team.
  3. Collaborate with the co-op’s Maintenance Committee regarding parking lot maintenance. For example, ensuring members are informed when vehicles need to be moved for snow clearing, for parking lot maintenance or to permit exterior work on the co-op buildings.
  4. When informed of a member’s withdrawal from the co-op, reallocate the available parking space to a resident on the Internal Waiting List for Parking. Inform the co-op’s Membership Committee if a parking space will be available for the incoming member.
  5. Bring to the attention of the Board any matters arising from the administration of this policy, especially those with implications for policy change.
  6. Report to the Board a minimum of twice annually, and to the co-op membership at the Annual General Meeting.
  1. Parking space rental charges will be set annually by the co-op board, as an integral part of the co-op’s operating budget. The operating budget is reviewed by co-op members at a budget information meeting before being approved by the board of directors.
  2. The rental charge for parking spaces on both lots (Arlington Street and Evanson Street) will be the same.
  3. The rental charge for the 9 sheltered (under-building) parking spaces on the Arlington Street lot will be higher than for non-sheltered spaces. The only exception is for residents using the 3 wheelchair-accessible spaces. These spaces are all under-building but will be rented for the standard monthly charge if the occupant is living in an accessible suite.
  4. Parking space rental fees will be charged monthly. If a parking space is assigned mid-month (15 days or less from month-end), the fee will be reduced to 50% of the monthly charge. Fees will be added to co-op members’ housing charges and paid at the same time.
  5. Residents should give the co-op’s property manager one month’s notice if their parking space is no longer required.
  6. Any unassigned parking spaces on the Evanson site will be rented on a month-to-month basis to community organizations or area businesses in order to generate revenue for co-op operations. The co-op’s property management company will collect the rental fees.

a. An Internal Waiting List for Parking will be established for co-op residents who:

    1. do not have a parking space, but are now requesting one, or
    2. have been assigned a parking space but are now requesting relocation.

b. The request should be made by completing the OGHC Parking Application Form and sending this to the Parking Team.

c. Priority on the Internal Waiting List for Parking is based on date of application for a parking space.

d. When a resident with an assigned parking space leaves the co-op, the available space will first be offered to residents on the Internal Waiting List for Parking.


a. There is no guarantee of parking with a co-op suite. If a parking space has been requested and is available, it will be allocated by the Parking Team when the Membership Committee allocates the available suite.

b. If a parking space has been requested but is not available, the applicant has two options:

  • accept the suite without on-site parking.
  • not accept the suite, in which case it will be offered to the next eligible applicant.

c. On moving into the co-op, a member who has a vehicle but no on-site parking can ask to have their name added to the Internal Waiting List for Parking.

d. While waiting, the member can apply for a Residential Parking Permit for Wolseley, from the City of Winnipeg Parking Authority, or rent a private parking space in the neighbourhood.

  1. Prior to moving into the co-op, all members with vehicles will complete a co-op Vehicle Registration Form, including their license plate number and a description of the vehicle.
  2. the Vehicle Registration Form should be completed by members with off-site parking, as well as those assigned a parking space on the Arlington or Evanson lots.
  3. If any information about the registered vehicle changes (eg. make, colour, licence plate number), the resident must immediately inform the Parking Team.
  1. Vehicles are parked on co-op property at the owners’ risk. The co-op accepts no responsibility for theft or damage to vehicles or contents.
  2. Residents are not allowed to permanently re-assign their parking space to another co-op member, or to any other person. Any temporary arrangement between members, that will last more than 24 hours, must be reported to the Parking Team.
  3. Residents should park carefully so that their vehicle does not block the path of other vehicles, nor block the way for residents who are walking, using wheelchairs or pushing strollers.
  4. Residents are expected to keep their parking space free of litter and to clean up any spills. Any fluid leaking from their vehicle should be cleaned up as soon as possible and the cause of the problem dealt with.
  5. The co-op is responsible for the maintenance, repair and regular cleaning of both parking lots. The co-op will make every effort to give advance notice to residents if parking spaces need to be temporarily vacated, for example for snow clearance or repainting lines.
  6. Residents must not carry out major repairs to their vehicle in the parking lots. Major repairs are understood to include oil changes, radiator flushing, body work, transmission repair or replacement, repairs involving removal of the engine, or any other work which risks staining or damaging the parking lot surface or which inconveniences other residents.
  7. All parked vehicles must be licensed and roadworthy. Any derelict vehicles left on co-op property will be towed at the owner’s expense.
  1. Visitors may use one of the designated visitor parking spaces, if available. Visitor parking spaces are reserved for short-term use (ie. less than 4 hours per day) between the hours of 9 am and 9 pm.
  2. Visitors may not use members’ assigned parking spaces, unless they have made arrangements beforehand with the resident.
  3.  Overnight parking by visitors is allowed between 9 pm and 9 am on a first-come, first-served basis.
  1. Oversight of enforcement is entrusted to the Parking Team. The Parking Team will not monitor the co-op parking lots but will respond to resident complaints.
  2. Residents who find someone parked in their spot, should contact a member of the Parking Team. She/he will offer the resident an alternate location to use temporarily, if one is available, and guide the resident through the steps to resolution.
  3. If a resident parking space is occupied by a non-resident, the Parking Team is authorized to place a warning message on the car’s windshield (for a first offence) and to arrange for the vehicle to be towed (for a second or subsequent offence).
  4. Residents with complaints about other members’ use of parking spaces should try to resolve the problem through discussion with the individual concerned. If contacted, the Parking Team will provide support and assistance or may refer the matter to the co-op Member Relations Committee for resolution (see OGHC Dispute Resolution Policy).
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