How we will live together

Old Grace Housing Co-operative holds regular membership meetings throughout the year and an annual membership meeting at which members elect the board of directors. In addition, members can participate in a variety of committees, such as the fundraising committee, the finance committee, and the policy committee.

Through this process, OGHC members have adopted a set of bylaws, policies, and house rules.

The bylaws set out how the co-op functions as an organization. Changes to the bylaws must be approved by the Board and the co-op members, and submitted to the Manitoba Registrar of Cooperatives.

In addition to the bylaws, OGHC is committed to employing a consensus-based decision-making model. Policies have been adopted to address specific issues such as parking, pets, and smoking. Additional policies are under development. A set of House Rules, intended to serve as guidelines governing behaviour, have also been adopted.

Follow these links to read our bylaws, policies, and house rules:

Bylaws (PDF)

House rules
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