OGHC Website – Best Practices

Mini-Style Guide

For discussion

  1. Use consistent date formats, either
    1. March 28, 2015
    2. 2015-03-28 – large unit (year) -> small unit (day), just like hh:mm:ss
  2. Files posted should be in PDF format
  3. File names should be in the form:
    1. 2015FinancialStatements.pdf
    2. No spaces, links get awfully long because a space gets replaced by “%20”
    3. Minimize hyphens, capitalizing the first letter of words to aid readability, make the name shorter, but sometimes ya gotta use a hyphen, like in the date
    4. No underscores _, very often a link will appear underlined and the _ disappears
  4. It’s “Co-op” not “Coop”; “Co-operative” not “Cooperative”
  5. Use single spaces. It’s an old habit for people who learned to type on a manual typewriter, like me. But I’ve trained myself not to.
  6. Don’t use ALL CAPS, on the internet it’s shouting
  7. Don’t use bolding except within a paragraph
  8. Use headings, see the drop down menu in the formatting tool bar (usually says ‘Paragraph’). Google notices stuff that’s in a heading and gives it precedence when indexing a page. So use the following styling:

Heading 1 – never, reserved for the page title

Heading 2 – if you’ve got a fair amount of content on a page, divide the main sections with this

Heading 3 – sub points under Heading 2

Heading 4 – sub – sub points, probably won’t have to use this  . . . or for that matter:

Heading 5
or Heading 6

normal text is “Paragraph”