Building our library

Driven by the ominous task of moving dozens of our own personal books to the Co-op with nowhere to put them, the Library Committee decided that a book sale would serve the purpose of initiating the culling process among members, as well as providing a source for stocking the new library with great and beloved books. An extra benefit, of course, would be the funds provided by the sale of books, CDs, and DVDs, which could be directed to the furnishing the Library, as well as other amenities needed by the Co-op.

Alex Merrill spearheaded the organizing of the book sale which was graciously held on June 3 at the home of Committee member Nicola Schaefer. Alex’s full report is included below. Thank you, Alex, for an incredible job organizing all aspects of the sale!

The sun was out, the sky was blue, and it was a beautiful day for a yard sale…. at which we managed to raise $1,180 dollars for OGHC. The Library Committee, several other volunteers from the co-op, grandchildren and friends all pitched in to procure tables and tarps (in case of rain), and to haul, sort and sell mounds of books, CDs and games. A huge thanks to everyone who helped at the sale and everyone who cleaned out their bookshelves and closets to give us their contents! And also, kudos to Nicola Schaefer who hosted it all and kept us fed and watered. The items left will be picked up by Centre Flavie, a benevolent organization in St. Boniface. – Alex

The Library Committee also took upon itself the task of deciding upon and acquiring the furnishings for the main Reading Room /Library on the 2nd floor of the Arlington Wing of the Co-op.

Committee Member Carolyn Crisp noticed that Black’s Books and Antiques was liquidating its furnishings: with very little notice, she sealed the deal for birch shelving-enough to furnish the Library, for the amount of $200.00. It is in reasonably good condition, but it will need some refinishing, as well as a crew of carpenters to install it once we move in.

If you have suitable skills, and would be able to help out with the installation  process, please contact: Francene Adeleman

We have been fortunate to acquire a lovely set of donated armchairs for the Reading Room and a love seat for a small reading alcove on the 2nd floor. With proceeds from the book sale, the Committee plans to purchase an IKEA library table and chairs to be used for a variety of purposes (meetings, card games, reading and writing etc) . We are still needing simple end tables and reading lamps for the space…donations anyone?

Once we move into the Co-op, and the dust has settled a bit, the Library Committee will be asking for your donations of books you have set aside for the Library-books in good condition, hard backs and paper, in all categories of fiction and non-fiction, art books, “coffee table” books, etc. We will also need volunteers to sort through the books, and to decide on a policy and plan for member use. This might be an ongoing way for interested members to put in their “volunteer hours” on an ongoing basis. Once again, if you think you might be interested in this phase of the development of the library, please get in touch with Francene Adeleman.