Construction and Moving Update

Construction is approximately 75% complete with interim occupancy projected for late December 2017 and full occupancy by March 2018.

Staged occupancy requires that we apply for an Interim Occupancy Permit, which will only be allowed by the city if we complete certain “life safety features”. Our contractor believes that these features will be in place in November, at which time they’ll be able to apply for the permit.

In preparation for the possibility that our permit is approved, we are currently checking the move-in preferences of residents of the Arlington wing because that’s the only area that is likely to be ready by mid-December.

As always on construction projects, unforeseen things can happen, including inclement weather, so we can’t safely make a decision about occupancy dates until the end of November.

Building Committee

The board-appointed Building Committee monitors construction progress and ensures co-op interests are represented throughout construction. The committee consists of three members of the OGHC Executive (Sandra Hardy, Victor Dobchuk and Laura Sevenhuysen), plus Karl Falk and Harry Haid of DSI Tandem Co-op Resources.