Cost education


There are two central financial challenges in the establishment and operation of a housing co-operative:

1) the cost of construction of the co-operative

2) the ongoing operation of the co-operative

Paying for construction of the co-operative

The Old Grace Housing Co-operative plans to fund construction in the following fashion:

1) Mortgage: approximately 59 percent of costs.

2) Refundable member shares: approximately 21 percent of costs.

3) A Manitoba Housing loan: approximately 13 percent of costs. This loan is forgivable as long as the co-operative sets aside 30 units for households with low-to-moderate incomes.

4) A Manitoba Construction Tax Credit: approximately 5 percent of costs.

5) Manitoba Hydro grant and OGHC fundraising: approximately 2 percent of costs.

OGHC is planning fundraising which may offset some of the costs related to unique features of the co-op, such as the co-op cars and the chimney swift habitat structure.

Paying for operation of the co-operative

Operating costs, which include utilities, property taxes, building maintenance, and establishment of an adequate gaming servicef reserve fund, will be funded by monthly occupancy charges that members pay to the co‑operative. The occupancy charges do not cover discretionary costs such as tenant insurance, parking, laundry, telephone, cable, and wireless services.