Frequently asked questions

What are member shares?

In order to be eligible to occupy a suite in the co-op, you must also purchase member shares. The amount that you pay for these member shares is determined by the number of bedrooms in your unit and whether you qualify for a provincial housing subsidy. Each member has one vote in the affairs of the co-op, regardless of share costs.

Are the member shares refundable?

The member shares are fully refundable when you leave the co-op, unless there are damages to your unit, or you owe money to the co-op.

Do I have to sign a lease?

Before you move in you will sign an occupancy agreement that lays out the conditions for occupying your unit. Unlike a lease, an occupancy agreement does not have to be renewed yearly. You can live in the co-op as long as you want, provided you pay your housing charges on time and follow the co-op’s rules.

What are the housing charges?

Housing charges are similar to monthly rent and must be paid on the first of each month. The housing charges include your share of the co-op’s expenses, namely the mortgage, property taxes, building insurance, utility charges (such as electricity, heat, sewer, and water), administration costs, repairs, maintenance, and reserves. The number of bedrooms in your unit determines your housing charges.

Will my housing charges increase every year?

When the co-op’s operating costs increase, members’ housing charges may also have to increase. Generally, housing charges are lower than the rent you would pay in the private sector because housing co-operatives are non-profit organizations. Every year all members review the finances of the co-op and discuss the budget recommended by the Board of Directors.

How am I expected to participate in the co-op?

Our housing co-op is a community of people from different social, economic and cultural backgrounds. While a management company will perform certain duties, residents have both rights and responsibilities as member-owners of the co-op, including participation in the day-to-day operation and life of the co-op.

Is any routine maintenance expected of me?

You are expected to keep your unit clean and do minimal upkeep, such as replacing burned-out light bulbs. Any repairs that are needed in your unit should be reported promptly, to avoid costlier problems.

What appliances are supplied with my unit?

All units are supplied with a stove and refrigerator. There is a convenient community laundry room for member use and all units are fitted with washer, dryer, and dishwasher hookups. If you decide to install your own appliances, they must be Energy Star rated and on a list of co-op-approved appliances. To maintain the building’s energy efficiency, units do not have dryer vents, as a result, only condensing dryers are allowed in individual units.

Are pets allowed?

Yes. Our co-op is pet-friendly. Read our Pet Policy.

What is your smoking policy?

All forms of tobacco smoking are prohibited on the Old Grace Housing Co-operative property. Read our No- Smoking Policy.

Is a parking space guaranteed with my unit?

No. You can request one parking space on your Suite Application Form. If a parking spot is assigned to you, the parking fee must be paid monthly, together with your housing charges. When demand is greater than supply, members’ names are added to a waiting list. Read our Parking Policy.

Why isn’t a parking space provided for each unit?

Members of OGHC are committed to minimizing the co-op’s carbon footprint. When deciding how to develop the Old Grace site, members agreed to reduce the space occupied by cars in order to increase the space occupied by people. OGHC is very well served by Winnipeg Transit with numerous bus routes on Portage Avenue, Arlington Street North, Westminster Avenue, and Sherbrook/Maryland Streets. For more information, visit Winnipeg Transit. There are three parking spaces provided at OGHC for Peg City Car Co-op vehicles. Members interested in joining this carshare program can check out Peg City Car Co-op. Living in the Wolseley area is ideal for people who prefer active transportation and OGHC has indoor storage for more than 60 bicycles. See the most convenient local bike routes here.

Where can visitors park?

There are a limited number of parking spaces designated for visitors.

What happens if I want to leave the co-op?

You need to give 90 days’ notice from the first of the month. Your Member Share will be refunded within 90 days of your move-out date, minus any money owed to the co-op.