Internet Service Policy

  1. Online data and tools accessed via the Internet are essential resources which should as much as possible be made available to all co-op members.
  2. Examples of relevant services include cloud data storage and backup; online payment; access to information including information about the co-op itself; communication between the co-op and its members and with the world outside the co-op.

Internet access: Refers to access to the Internet provided to OGHC member subscribers by the co-op using Wi-Fi or wired connection. It does not refer here to Internet access by members through private contractual arrangements with service providers such as Rogers, Telus, or Bell MTS.

In suite: Refers to provision of an access point connecting an individual suite to the co-op’s internet server.

In common areas: Refers to provision of access points in common areas such as the Common Room, lounges, library, meeting room, basement etc.

Subscriber: Refers to a suite whose occupants have signed up for and are paying for Internet access. All subscriptions are on a per-suite basis.

Password: Refers to WEP or other secure codes, assigned to the occupants of a particular suite, to connect their computer and other electronic devices to access points in their suite and common areas.

  1. The co-op will contract with an Internet service provider to provide Internet access to subscribing members in their suites and in common areas. All co-op members will have the option to subscribe to this service.
  2. Subscribers will be assigned their own Internet access password which they can use in their suite and in all common areas where access points are located.
  3. The sharing of passwords between residents of different suites is not permitted. Using another member’s password to access the system without paying will be considered a violation of this policy and may result in the co-op terminating a subscriber’s service (see Section 4).
  4. When a common area is being rented to outside users or non-subscribers, the co-op will use a guest account with a one-day password. Payment for this service may be included in, or added to, the room rental fee (see Room Rental Policy).
  5. The pricing of the service is calculated to cover subscribers’ Internet access in their suites, plus the cost of providing service to the co-op office, meeting room and other common areas. The per suite monthly cost to subscribers will be calculated by dividing the total monthly cost to the co-op (including taxes) by the number of subscribers and adding 10% to cover contingencies and administration. This will be subject to annual review.
  6. Subscribers will pay their Internet service fee monthly in conjunction with their housing charges and other monthly charges.
  1. The member occupants of a suite are responsible for all Internet usage by anyone who uses their password anywhere on the co-op premises, including all members of their household and guests. It is the members’ responsibility to keep their password secure.
  2. While the co-op will not routinely monitor Internet usage by individual subscribers, it reserves the right to do so in response to member complaints, or in response to usage that negatively affects other subscribers (e.g., using very high bandwidth).
  3. Member complaints or violations of this policy will be handled according to the provisions of the OGHC Dispute Resolution Policy. This may result in the co-op restricting or terminating a subscriber’s Internet access.
  4. The co-op reserves the right to restrict or terminate the Internet access assigned to a particular suite if usage is deemed inappropriate. Inappropriate usage includes uploading or downloading material that is illegal, fraudulent, or contravenes the Manitoba Human Rights Code.
  1. Management of the Internet service will be the responsibility of the co-op’s property manager who can seek direction from the Board and the support of co-op member volunteers as needed.
  2. A designated co-op contact on Internet issues will be appointed by the Board, to facilitate communication between co-op members, the property manager and the Internet service provider.
  3. In the event of disputes that cannot be resolved by the designated co-op contact, in consultation with both the property manager and the Internet service provider, the Board’s decision will be final.
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