Library Proposal

The Library Committee of the OGHC composed of Alex Merrill, Nicola Shaefer, Carolyn Crisp and Francene Adelman has discussed several options ,agreeing upon the following proposal:

  • To focus on setting up two Reading Room spaces on the second floor , henceforth described as the “Lounge” and the “Alcove.” The Reading Room/Lounge will be furnished with approximately six 9-inch vertical shelves of 3- linear feet, for small- to medium-sized books, one 12-inch shelf for larger books , as well as 3 armchairs, 2 side tables, 1 coffee table, and one or more rectangular tables with 4 or more chairs (size of tables as not yet determined). The alcove will be furnished with a 2-seater love seat and a coffee table, as well as four 6-inch shelves of 15-linear feet of shelving each.
  • To solicit books from OGHC members as donations to the library, criteria to be determined at a future date and communicated to membership. (eg., condition, categories)
  • To hold a June fundraiser book sale with book donations from all OGHC members. Profits to go towards furnishing Library spaces. Note: Please decide which books you would like to keep to put in the Library and which you would like to donate for the sale.
  • To furnish these spaces with furniture and shelving donated by OGHC members in the initial group who may be culling their personal collections. Other options will be considered if necessary.
  • To begin a long term process for collecting books for several other spaces in the building (e.g., 3rd floor lounge, Common room, 1st floor meeting room) and to develop a plan for outfitting them with donated books.
  • To operate the Library/Reading Room informally , where Co-op residents will be free to borrow and return books on the honour system. Details as to how to do this will be determined at a later date; suggestions from the membership are welcome.