Manitoba Government Issues Request for EOI for the Old Grace Hospital site.

MHRC ( Manitoba Housing and Renewal Corporation ) has issued a request for expressions of interest for the development of a housing project on the site of the Old Grace Hospital. Find the requirements for this REOI here.

The Old Grace Housing Cooperative  is presently putting  together a proposal  to submit to MHRC. Interested parties have till Jan 19th to submit proposals at which point the  Government will select  what it considers the best proposals for  further project development and  another round of the competition. 

Our vision for the the development of the site is quite consistent with the  requirements  set out in the Governments REOI.

We are proposing an intergenerational housing cooperative  with both affordable and market housing.  To insure  we meet  the aesthetic  expectations of the community  we will involve community representatives  to provide feedback on the design of the housing complex and the site. To minimize our parking impact on the area the coop will have on site parking and reduce our need for cars by utilizing the services of Peg City Car CoopWe will be following the Manitoba Governments  new green building standards and build an environmentally sustainable  housing complex . The number of units we will be able to build has yet to be determined due to financing requirements  and government regulations but the projected range is between 50 to 70 units. I any case according to the requirements of the REOI the buildings will not exceed three stories.

The Old Grace Housing Cooperative  will utilize this web site to keep the community  informed of our progress. If you have  specific questions  please email us at

The membership of the Old Grace Housing Cooperative is very enthusiastic about the prospect of living in the Wosleley area.  If you are interested in membership in our coop please complete the online  development process. At this point becoming a member entitles you express your interest  in the Housing Cooperative and  to  participate in the  development work of the cooperative. It does not guarantee you a spot in the housing complex. The process of  becoming a member  will come later if our  project proposal is chosen  by the government.

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