Waste disposal


There are bins for garbage collection on each OGHC site. These bins are emptied by the City of Winnipeg. Items must be placed in the bins: OGHC can be fined if items are left beside the bins.

The City will not take away the following items as garbage and they should not be placed in the bins:

  • furniture
  • batteries
  • electronics
  • household hazardous waste (Hazardous waste products can be identified by the danger symbols.)
  • ink and toner cartridges
  • medications
  • paint cans
  • oil cans
  • thermostats
  • tires

You can find a full listing of items that cannot be put in the garbage here.

These items also cannot be put in our recycling bins or the composting bins.


There are outside recycling bins at both OGHC sites. These bins are emptied by the City of Winnipeg.

You can recycle the following items:

  • plastic containers and rigid packaging that have a recycling triangle on the bottom, including all bottles, pails, tubs, cups, and jugs
  • aluminum drink cans
  • steel (tin) food cans
  • milk and juice cartons
  • juice boxes
  • newspapers and inserts, flyers, and junk mail
  • magazines, phone books, household paper, and envelopes
  • cardboard egg cartons and paper tubes
  • flattened cardboard that fits loosely within the City-provided recycling container and is no more than 1 metre (a little over a yard) in any direction (This would include, cereal, cracker, tissue, laundry, shoe, and packing boxes.)
  • glass jars and bottles (clear and coloured)
  • shredded paper (This must be placed inside a clear plastic bag.)

The following items should not be placed in the recycling bins:

  • plastic bags (unless they have shredded paper in them), plastic film, and cellophane
  • household hazardous waste containers, such as antifreeze, motor oil, bleach, pesticide, or herbicide
  • foam packaging, foam egg cartons, or foam meat trays, even if they have a recycling triangle on them
  • aluminum foil or foil pie plates
  • foil or foam takeout food containers
  • mirrors, window glass, or broken glass
  • light bulbs, drinking glasses, ceramics, or cookware
  • toys
  • textiles such as clothing, linens, and shoes
  • small appliances such as microwaves and coffee makers
  • coffee cups
  • fast-food packaging

You can learn more about what can and cannot be recycled here.

Battery recycling

OGHC also has its own battery recycling for household batteries.  Batteries can be left in a box located in the cupboard above the sink in the Common Room kitchen. For safety reasons, please put tape over the terminals on 9-volt batteries.

Electronic and metal waste
  • Small, clean items of electronic and metal waste (including cables, small power tools, and hardware) can be placed in a recycling box at the north end of the locker storage room in the basement. The contents will periodically be taken to a 4R recycling depot by volunteers. Please feel free to be one of those volunteers!
  • The box is not intended for items that are accepted in our blue recycle bins such as tin and aluminum cans or foil.
    It is not for anything bulky or heavy: no TVs, for example. Big items should be taken directly to a 4R depot.

OGHC has its own program for composting fruit and vegetable scraps. You can learn about it here.

What can I do with items that cannot go into the garbage, the recycling, or the composting bins?
See if a member wants it.

Offer it up through the OGHC Google Group. (Click here to learn how to join the Google Group.)

Donate it

There are numerous organizations such as the Salvation Army Thrift Shop, Goodwill Industries, and Diabetes Canada will pick up your items for free.

You can drop off many items at the local branches of these agencies and at the Habitat Restore and the Mennonite Central Committee. It is best to check in advance to see if the agency accepts the items you are donating.

Specialty items can be donated to places like ArtsJunktion and the Winnipeg Humane Society.

Mother Earth Recycling will also pick up mattresses and electronics for a fee.

Deposit them at a City collection site.

The City has collection sites for many waste items. You can learn about where they are and what they take here.

Have the City haul them away.

The City will haul away large items for a fee. You can call 311 to arrange this. You can learn about this service here.

Take it to the Brady Road landfill site.

There is a fee for taking garbage (as opposed to recyclable material) to this site. Learn more here.

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