Documents for General Meeting October 7, 2019

The password on these PDF files is the same as the password for this Members Only area.


  1. Call to order / Introductions
  2. Notice of Meeting / Roll Call
  3. Approval of Agenda
  4. Approval of Minutes of member meeting 15 December 2018
  5. Operating Budget for 2020
  6. Housing charges for 2020
  7. Approval of Amendment to Article 9 of the Occupancy Rules
  8. Approval of Guest Room Booking Policy
  9. Other business
  10. Motion to Adjourn

PDF of Agenda 

Minutes of General Meeting December 15, 2018

Operating Budget for 2020 (to be posted)

Housing charges for 2020 (to be posted)

Amended Article 9 of the Occupancy Rules

Guest Room Booking Policy

Other business