If You have Mobility Issues…

The Old Grace Housing Co-op Fire Safety & Evacuation Plan recognizes the diversity of our community and supports residents with mobility issues.

Residents cannot use the elevator if the fire alarm goes off.

If you have mobility issues that prevent you from taking the stairs, you have been assigned a volunteer Buddy – one of your close neighbours. Your Buddy (or Alternate Buddy) will come to you if the fire alarm is sounding and wait with you until First Responders arrive to help you both out of the building.

A list of suite numbers requiring firefighters’ help has been posted inside the fire panel at the front lobby. That’s the first place they stop when they enter our building and the list is their guide to finding people who could not get out of the building themselves.

Your Buddy’s main job is to help you stay as calm as possible while you wait, to help co-ordinate your Pet Plan, and to know and gather the items you need to take with you when you leave the building. Provide your Buddy with a list of items you’ll need to take, such as medication, canes, wheelchair, etc.

Consider giving your Buddy and Alternate a key (or the lock code) to your suite in case the alarm goes off during the night and you are unable to get out of bed to unlock the door.

Meet and talk through your safety plan. Think of all the different scenarios you can imagine.

And plan for your pet with your Pet Helper. It is best not to assume the firefighters will take your pet out with you. They will not take time to look for a cat that is hiding – especially if other people are waiting to be helped out.

Remember, the safest way out may not be the elevator, so don’t assume your animals can travel with you when the firefighters come. Rely on your Pet Helper to take them down the stairs.

Prepare for an emergency with your Buddy, Alternate Buddy, Floor Captain, and Pet Helper. Together you will be able to better control a potentially bad situation.