Committee reports: composting

The Site Committee is pleased to announce plans for on-site, multi-family composting. The Green Action Centre will help us get the project up and running — for free. They will give us three large wood composting bins, an aerator, consultation and training, several food scrap containers, and fridge magnets to remind us what can and cannot be composted. See their online guide for more information.

One likely site for the compost bins would be on the south edge of the property, between the parking lot and the lane. We expect to start in spring after thaw. We will organize training sessions for our community and provide orientation as people move in. We welcome suggestions for where to find clean dry leaves (brown material).

In January and February, we will NOT be collecting compostable items on site. If you are moving in during those months, you may wish to find a place that will accept your food scraps — perhaps a friend in the neighborhood who already composts.

We look forward to using our finished compost on the grounds and in our potted plants indoors. What a great start to our environmentally sustainable community!

For more information, please contact Debby Lake.

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