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OGHC Newsletter, January 19, 2018, Volume III, Number 1

  • Kitchen accessible suite. Photo credit: Blair Bingeman.

The building is nearing completion

We are now in the process of creating a move-in schedule for March and April. In recent developments, the first elevator has been installed and the second Peg City Car Co-op car has been ordered.

Click here to view slideshows of photos that members took of the building in late December and early January.

Help us market Phase II

It’s important for us to find occupants our four three-bedroom affordable townhouses on the Preston... More

Help for endangered birds

Check out our GoFundMe page. Here you can read about why we have a Chimney Swift... More

Committee Reports

Many of us have donated items for our shared use. Our working committees that have... More

Co-op connections

OGHC members join Co-op Appeal Tribunal OGHC members Jason Pinkney and Shelly Blanco have been... More

Q and A Corner

This month’s question is: “Will I need to get a lock for my storage locker and bike?”
Click here for the answer.

Interested in Green Cleaning?

If you haven’t signed up for our residents-only email group yet, you’ve been missing a... More

Pets and move-in

For the safety and security of pets, we ask that you do not bring your pet onto the property while you are moving in. Once your move is complete, it will be much calmer, and less frightening for your animal.

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