Getting closer to moving in

When can we expect mail to start at the co-op?

After receipt of our Interim Occupancy Permit, Canada Post will come to the co-op to install their master lock, and delivery can begin. Unfortunately, despite previous cautions to make your change-of-address effective date after you take possession of your unit, Canada Post tells us a lot of mail has been flowing to 200 Arlington, and has been returned to sender.

What about other deliveries?

Appliances and other large deliveries requiring the elevator and/or Arlington loading zone should be booked into the moving schedule by contacting Randa, moving co-ordinator, so there are no conflicts with families who are moving. Members must be present when deliveries are made.

What’s happening on the parking front?
Peg City Car Co-op

Peg City Car Co-op has created a new product called an Enterprise Account. By subscribing, OGHC holds the shares in Peg City and any resident can become a member under our account without having to buy shares. That way, our members only pay-per-use, making it an even better alternative to car ownership. We’ll communicate the process soon.

On-site Scramble Parking

The list has been shared of those who will be scramble parking during March and April, and those who will have assigned spots between May and October. In the fall, once the Preston property is complete and parking becomes available on that site, we will re-work the parking plan.

We will need to work out the challenges of moving trucks potentially using the parking lot. More on this later.

Off-site Parking

Thanks to everyone who offered to park off-site. Those who will be parking at one of the neighbourhood spots we recruited – OGHC will manage payment to those neighbours and we will invoice our members monthly for payment.

Parking During Moves

Please respect the Loading Zone. Until the majority of our moves are complete in April, please try not to park in our block of Arlington Street.

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