Getting connected

The OGHC Co-operative Internet is now operational.If you sign up, the $40-monthly fee will be added to your monthly housing charges.

This is an optional service that is being offered to members.

If you choose, you can sign up when you sign your Occupancy Agreement and authorize payment of your monthly housing charges.


The WiBand service is limited to providing Internet access. They do not provide us with individual email addresses. If you currently use a web-based system such as Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail, you will simply go to that page as you always have.

If you currently use the email account from your current internet provider (e.g. an address that ends in or then you will no longer have that account with WiBand. To have email, you can choose to set up an email account with Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or a similar provider.  Again, we have volunteers who can help you if this is new to you.

Also, you can decide to pay a small monthly fee to your current provider to keep your access to that email address either for a transition period or permanently.  You will have to contact your provider yourself if you choose this option.

If you choose to use Shaw or Bell/MTS for internet or television, you will need to make arrangements to have your service set up. As soon as you have taken possession of your suite and have your keys, they can meet you at your suite to do the installation. Please ask them not to use the Arlington Loading Zone and, if possible, to use Preston or Evanson instead. You do not need to book a time with the co-op as these service providers can use the second elevator.

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