Preparing for occupancy

Why do we have to have Unit Inspections?

The unit inspection is the first chance members have to view their new home. At that time, we will complete a Unit Condition Report which allows us to capture any deficiencies that need attention. A copy of the Condition Report will be placed into each member file for future reference. Most suites have some deficiencies, which is common at this point in the construction process and they are not only being recorded by the co-op, but also the contractor and architect.

Suite inspection in process. From left to right: Andy Ellersiek (Concord Projects), Jack Cram (OGHC volunteer), Alex Merrill, and Glenn Morison.

So far, about half of the units have been inspected. Some have not been because the residents require use of the elevator; others are travelling out of the country; and still others will not be moving until May or later, so there hasn’t been a rush to get to their inspections yet.

Will the deficiencies be fixed before we move in?

Because of our tight timeline, a number of the deficiencies may not be fixed before we move in, as the trades are focused on things that would prevent us from getting our Permit. For example, it’s likely that balcony railings will not be installed by the time members inspect or occupy their suite. If this is the case, the balcony doors will be secured so they cannot be opened until the railings are installed and it is safe to be on the balcony.

Work will continue on the building for several months past occupancy, including fixes and touch-ups in the suites and common areas, exterior finishing, landscaping, balconies and more.

When is all the paperwork signed?

For simplicity, we have combined the signing of paperwork with Unit Inspections. This includes your Occupancy Agreement, a summary of your housing charges, pre-authorized debit setup, and more. When confirming appointments for Unit Inspections, we provide information about what members need to bring with them.

When can I take possession?

Possession date, not your moving date, dictates when you start paying, the date your insurance must be in place, and when you can have your keys. All conditions must be met – including all forms signed, payment arranged and our Occupancy Permit in place. As soon as we have our permit, we will communicate and provide information about when and where keys will be available. For some members, keys will be provided on moving day.

We paid for March but have changed our move to April. Will we get reimbursed?

Anyone who has paid for March and has moved their possession date to April may request a rebate.

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