Window covering packages: Order deadline August 21, 2017

OGHC will shortly be placing its order for window coverings to be installed prior to occupancy.

All windows in all suites will be fitted with the Standard Window Covering Package (described below). The Standard Window Covering Package is provided at no extra charge to members.

In addition, members can order an additional blackout layer for certain windows by selecting the Blackout Layer Option (described below). Members who wish to have the Blackout Layer Option as well as the Standard Window Covering package must fill out and return this order form by August 21, 2017.

Standard Window Covering Package (included in your Member Shares)

Each window in each suite will be equipped with

  • Solarfective brand (or equivalent) roller blinds  in white with top roller operation
  • Single-roller header for the larger (living room windows) and dual-roller header for all other smaller windows.
  • Manually operated blind with a chain and sprocket roller system
  • Blind fabric is 3% Sheerweave 2410 (or equivalent)
  • All blinds are mounted inside the window frame (inside mounted).

Decorative fascias (valances) for the blinds are not included.

These blinds offer ultra-violet (UV) ray reduction and the ability to see outside during the day when the blinds are lowered. Since these blinds are not opaque, they do not provide total privacy at night. Lights that are turned on are visible from the outside and movement can be seen, although not clearly. They also do not fully block light from sources such as street lamps and headlights.

Similar blinds are frequently used in commercial establishments such as Tim Hortons, car dealerships, credit unions, banks, offices and retail outlets.
This package is being installed in all windows in all suites. You do NOT have to fill out any form to have this package installed.

Blackout Layer Option (at additional cost)
You can choose to have a separate blackout layer placed behind the translucent layer on bedroom windows. It will be possible to raise and lower the two layers independently.

Blackout blind fabric is white Avila Twilight (or equivalent).

If you select this option the blackout layer will be installed prior to occupancy.

The final cost for the black-out blinds ordered under this option will be based on the total number of blinds that residents order. If the co-op were to order 100 blackout blinds, the installed cost would be $275 per blackout blind. Should fewer than 100 blinds be ordered, the per-blind cost will rise. The amount of the increase will not be known until the final order is placed.

All blinds installed in the suite at the time of occupancy remain the property of the co-op.

Installing other window coverings
Some members may wish to purchase and install window coverings of a different style in their suite after occupancy. The co-op may require professional installation to minimize any possibility of damage to window frames.

It is also possible to install a blackout layer and decorative fascias (valances) after occupancy. Residents would make the arrangements themselves with a company that sells this type of blind (such as Blinds are Beautiful, or Superblinds).

How to select the Blackout Layer Option
If you wish to add the Blackout Layer Option to the Standard Window Covering Package, please download and fill out the appropriate form for the number of bedrooms in your suite.  Please select the form that matches the size of suite.

The order form will ask you to identify bedrooms by room number. These numbers are shown on a sample suite layout on the second page of the form. They can also be found on the suite drawings sent to you in January. Rooms are numbered consistently throughout the building as follows:

Please include a cheque for the total estimated cost for the blackout blinds for your suite.
Once the final cost is determined by the contractor, the co-op will either invoice you for the additional cost or issue a refund.

Please complete and return no later than August 21 so the final order can be placed.

If you are not selecting the Blackout Layer Option, it is not necessary to complete or return the form, and you will receive the Standard Window Covering Package at no additional cost.