Members picnic at Vimy

Vimy Ridge splash pad.
By Judie Bewer

On June 20, the rain gods raised their arms to give sunshine enough for Vimy Ridge Park to resound with children squealing in the splash pads, birds twittering, and 30 Old Grace members schmoozing at our second social gathering.

The burn circle was blazing, the tablecloths set, and a pot luck selection of goodies on display: salad dotted with black beans (very Wolseley), ginger cake with burnt sugar frosting, and lashings of home made iced tea. “It was fun to go from table to table to meet everyone,” was one comment. Another said “What a very lovely evening!” Yet another wondered if the iced tea was spiked. (Sorry, maybe next time.)

We would like to thank Louise at the park booking office for facilitating the scheduling, and Donna who returned after hours to lock up the washrooms, thus allowing us to stay into the evening. Also thank you to our City Councillor Cindy Gilroy who helped us keep the site available in the evening. And of course, thanks to all who attended and brought food.

At Old Grace, we are fortunate to have this nice little park practically in our (future) back yard. We can take our children and grandchildren to the playground, walk our dogs around the paths, and, who knows, one hot night when the temperatures soar, a group of residents might be seen slipping into the splash pads for a frolic!

Another picnic is planned for Monday, August 28, at Vimy Ridge, 6:00 P.M. (Rain date, August 30, 6:00)

Members are encouraged to take photos of membership events and forward them to the website at: