The purpose of this by-law is to protect the health, safety, welfare and quiet enjoyment of the residents, visitors and employees of Old Grace Housing Co-operative.

Due to the irritation and known health risks of exposure to second-hand tobacco smoke, increased risk of fire and increased maintenance and cleaning costs:

All forms of tobacco smoking are prohibited on the Old Grace Housing Co-operative property, including:

  1. inside residents’ housing units;
  2. on private use patios and balconies;
  3. in common areas used by residents and visitors, both indoor and outdoor;
  4. elsewhere on co-op property.


Within their unit, or on private use patios and balconies, members will be held responsible for compliance with the no-smoking policy by:

  1. other occupants of their unit
  2. visitors to their unit
  3. people hired by the member to provide a service or product
  4. short-term and long-term guests


  1. People interested in becoming members of OGHC will be informed of the no-smoking policy during Membership Information meetings, and in the Membership Information package.
  2. A statement of agreement with OGHC’s no-smoking policy will be included in the Membership Application.
  3. Persons hired by the OGHC Board to provide a service or product will be informed of the Co-op’s no-smoking policy, and will be expected to comply with this.


  1. A member with a complaint regarding smoking by another member, or someone in his/her household, should first make a reasonable attempt to resolve the issue through a respectful discussion.

If the violation persists, the member will make a written complaint to the Chair of the Member Relations Committee (see OGHC Dispute Resolution Policy).