OGHC Residents E-mail Group

Members of the Old Grace Housing Co-operative have organized OGHC_Residents, an informal, optional e-mail forum for co-op residents.

How does the e-mail forum work?

Members of the e-mail forum can send a message to all other members of the forum (whose membership will be limited to individuals living in the co-op). Members will also receive messages from any forum member who sends a message to the forum.

What are the benefits of an e-mail forum?

We can use our e-mail forum to:

• welcome newcomers and build the community
• answer questions about life in the co-op
• promote social events
• help organize forum purchases

How do I subscribe?

To subscribe, e-mail your unit number and name to carl.vonbaeyer@gmail.com. The subject line of your message should be “Subscribe oghc_residents”. More than one person per unit can join, using a separate e-mail message from each.
Keep track of the e-mail account you use to subscribe to this forum since you can send messages to the forum ONLY from the e-mail address under which you are subscribed. You do not have to have a Google or Gmail account to subscribe to this forum.

Once I have subscribed to the forum how do I send it messages?

You simply send an e-mail to oghc_residents@googleforums.com.

Are there limits on how the forum can be used?

The list is intended for messages of general interest to forum members, not for messages to individual members. The forum is not intended for commercial use or for-profit marketing of members’ goods or services.

Will other members of the forum be able to see my e-mail address?

The list of all forum members’ e-mail addresses will not be visible to forum members. However, the e-mail address of any forum member who sends a message to the forum will be visible to the recipients of the message.