Parking Survey

With the completion of additional parking on the Phase II site, OGHC will be ending interim parking-stall assignment and re-allocating the stalls on a more permanent basis. To assist in this process, please complete our parking information survey by November 12, 2018.

The completion of Phase II will bring our total households to 64 and our total parking stalls to 44. As required by the City of Winnipeg, two of those spaces are reserved for Peg City Co-op cars. We are also required to make three spaces available for wheelchair-accessible parking as needed.

To fairly accommodate the households that have been using co-op parking since the move-in to 200 Arlington, the new townhouse residents, and those residents who made other parking arrangements to ease the pressure on the co-op, it is necessary to re-do the allocation process.

The process will be as follows:

All residents needing parking are requested to complete and submit the parking survey no later than November 12. The survey will ask you to select your preference(s) for parking.

The options are:

  • Covered parking at 200 Arlington Street ($100/month)
  • Uncovered parking at 200 Arlington Street ($85/ month)
  • Uncovered parking at the Preston and Evanson site ($85/month)
  • Nearby private parking that the co-op arranges (usually $60 to $65/month)
  • Private parking that you yourself arrange
  • Being added to the OGHC parking waiting list

To the extent possible, residents’ first choices will be honoured. Should there be greater demand than supply for any of the options, the parking committee will apply the following priorities:

  • priority for wheelchair-accessible parking spaces to those households occupying fully accessible suites
  • priority for Arlington Street parking in order of occupancy (those who moved in during March would have priority over those who moved in during the fall)
  • priority for Evanson and Preston site parking for townhouse residents

Waiting lists will also be established for those wishing to change or acquire a parking stall.

Parking survey: Please return by November 12