Question and Answer

In this column, we answer questions from members. At the bottom of the page is a form you can use to submit your own questions.

Q: Will I need to get a lock for my storage locker and bike?

A: Yes, secure locks for your storage locker and bike(s) are your responsibility. It would be a good idea to have them ready on moving day.

Q: Can anyone use the shared laundry, even if they have a washer and dryer in their suite?

A: Yes.

Q: When should I make arrangements to get residents’ insurance

A: Most insurance providers require you make arrangements within 30 days of taking possession of your new home. For those who haven’t yet arranged for insurance, remember that Co-operators and the Co-op Housing Federation of Canada have created an insurance product called MemberGuard – just for members of housing co-ops.

Q: Do I have to arrange my own TV, phone and Internet hookup?

A: If you have subscribed to our Co-operative Internet, you will be provided with your user name and password to access the WiFi system when you move in. You don’t need to do anything else. If you haven’t signed up for Co-operative Internet you can do so when you sign your Occupancy Agreement. If you choose to not participate in our Co-operative Internet, and want to arrange a different provider, you will have to make your own arrangements. Everyone will make their own arrangements for phone and television as well.

Q: How much will bike storage and storage lockers cost?

A: In the basement area, each suite will be provided with one space in the secure bike storage area and one storage locker at no cost. The fee for storage lockers has now been wrapped into the $35 per-suite charge that would form part of our monthly housing costs to help us maintain our common areas and amenities.  Bike storage is at the north end of the basement level and can be accessed via the elevator, or from the entry at the south end, where there is a bike ramp beside the stairs down to the basement. The storage units are wire mesh, 1 meter across x 1 meter deep x 8’ high. Members will be asked to provide their own locks for storage lockers and bikes.

Q: Given the recent rash of bike thefts in Wolseley, can we be assured our bikes can be stored securely or will we have to take them into our suites?

A: There is no reason to take your bike into your suite. There will be secure storage for approximately 65 bikes in the basement, and only residents will be able to go in and out of the bike storage area. Located at the north end of the building, there are several ways to get to the bike storage area: you can use the main elevator down to the basement; or from the south end, you can enter from the parking area and use the bike ramp to the basement area; or if you prefer, you can use the wheelchair lift. View the basement plan here.

Q: How will the building and our suites be accessed?
A: Residents will receive a fob, a small device that allows you to unlock the front door with a touch or swipe. Each suite will have a unique lock and set(s) of keys. The front entrance will also have an intercom system that allows you to speak to visitors using your home or cell phone and grant them access to the building.

Q: How frequently and what will the volume of air exchange in individual units be? Is that influenced by the heating and air conditioning controls in the units?
A: Air circulation to each unit is handled by a mechanical system involving a heat recovery ventilator and a fan coil distribution system. The system is set to meet both building code standards and typical environmental conditions. Similar to a home furnace, the controls/thermostat allows the resident to manage the heating or cooling.

The air supply to each unit depends on the size: 400 cubic feet per minute (cfm) for one bedroom units, 550 cfm for two-bedroom, 880 cfm for three-bedroom, and 1000 cfm for four-bedroom.

The percentage of outside air ranges from 15% to 20%.

Fan coil units provide between 5.5 and 7.5 air changes per hour for the suites.

Q: Are there limits on the types and number of pets I can bring with me to the co-op?

A: According to OGHC’s pet policy:

  1. One dog is allowed per unit. This dog is expected to remain calm in the presence of adults, children and other dogs.
  2. Aggressive dogs are not allowed. See City of Winnipeg Responsible Pet Ownership By-law (By-law 92/2013), Section 7 – Prohibited Dog Breeds.
  3. A maximum of two cats is allowed per unit.
  4. One cage for small animals (hamsters, guinea-pigs etc.), or birds is allowed per unit.
  5. One aquarium is allowed per unit, maximum capacity 10 gallons.
  6. Exotic pets or contained dangerous animals are not allowed. See City of Winnipeg Responsible Pet Ownership By-law (By-law 92/2013), Section 33 / Schedule A – List of Prohibited Animals.

To learn more, see the OGHC Pet Policy.

Q: With summer upon us, I was wondering if we’ll be able to use a barbecue on our balcony?

A:  Yes, as long as the BBQ is fuelled by propane. Charcoal is not permitted. We also hope to have BBQs donated to the co-op so we can place them on our 3rd floor rooftop deck for co-op social events. The City of Winnipeg policy provides useful information on safe use of BBQs. (link to brochure)

Q: Will my visitors be able to smoke on my balcony?

A: No. The No-Smoking Policy has been created to protect the health and safety of the residents, visitors and employees of the co-op. Due to the irritation and known health risks of exposure to second-hand smoke, increased risk of fire and increased maintenance and cleaning costs, all forms of tobacco smoking will be prohibited on the Old Grace Housing Co-operative property, including:

  1. inside residents’ housing units;
  2. on private use patios and balconies;
  3. in common areas used by residents and visitors, both indoor and outdoor;
  4. elsewhere on co-op property.

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