Rose Bed

The OGHC Rose Bed will include the following roses.

2  Canadian Shield Rose: is a new shrub rose with very elegant blooms. Its rich red petals secured its choice as Canada’s 150th anniversary rose.

1  Winnipeg Parks Rose: like our city, this is one of the hardiest and toughest of garden roses. It is borderline indestructible. Yet, the subtle fuchsia colouring of its blossoms belies its rugged nature.

2   Never Alone Rose: this lovely bi-coloured rose has been chosen by the Canadian Cancer Foundation as it’s floral emblem for those who are struggling against cancer, have defeated cancer, or have succumbed to the disease. This red and white shrub rose is to symbolize the support we need or can give others in our community as one struggles with illness.

1  Morden Centennial Rose: is probably the most popular garden rose in Manitoba.  It is cloaked in large double hot pink flowers during the entire growing season.

1  Marie Bugnet Rose: is a sweetly scented white rugosa rose whose perfume will gently waft through our sun-heated courtyard.

1  Queen Elizabeth Rose: is a very elegant and regal pink grandiflora rose. This hardy long-lived rose was chosen to mark Her Majesty’s Coronation.

1  Livin’ Easy Rose: has  scrumptious flowers of a showy apricot-orange and will easily catch your eye as you attempt to walk by.

1  Ketchup and Mustard Rose: is a bi-coloured rose that delights children and awakens the child in all of us. The classic childhood condiment combo has been replicated in this rose.

1  Hope for Humanity Rose: is a hardy stunning clustered red rose created and named to honour the centennial of the Canadian Red Cross.

1  Blanc Double de Coubert Rose: this resilient rugosa rose displays a purity of white in its blooms that is unrivalled. ‘Rugosa’ is a latin for wrinkled and wizened.

1  Good as Gold Rose: is a bold and beautiful rich yellow hybrid rose that produces a profusion of sumptuous blossoms all summer long.

1  Dick Clark Rose:  no two flowers are exactly alike on this changeable chameleon of a rose. Black-red buds spiral open to show off swirls of cream edges washed with vibrant cherry pink.

1  Easy Does It Rose: a unique orangey-apricot blossom with ruffled and scalloped petals. This slightly delicate rose is a standout insisting upon a second look.