OGHC Style Guide

This page illustrates the default ‘styles’ that this website has. The way things look on any site is determined by ‘styles’. Styles are easy to apply and are accessed through the formatting toolbar when in ‘edit’ mode. You can divert from the styles that are default . . . but then the site gets to look inconsistent and scattered.

This is the ‘Paragraph’ format. There’s no indent at the start of a paragraph. Paragraphs are not indented from the sides and have a ‘margin’ at the bottom to separate one paragraph from another. The space that you see just above this paragraph is defined by the paragraph style.

Headers (below) are important! Use them! Google places emphasis on the content inside a ‘header’ and uses it as a clue to what’s on the page when indexing it.

Header 1 – large usually reserved by the automatic page titles

Header 2

Header 3

Header 4

Header 5
Header 6
Preformatted, mono-spaced font, larger margins, slightly shaded background
  • Un-ordered list
    • has bullets and indentation for hierarchy
    • no spaces between list items
  1. Ordered list
    1. has numbers and indentation for hierarchy
    2. no spaces between list items

Blockquote, larger margins, blue bar on the left, slightly shaded background. Usually reserved quoted content.

How each of the styles above looks can be changed . . . if it is, then it happens site wide.