Suggested uses for Common Areas

Basement – 2 Unfinished Spaces  (55’ x 24’ = 1300 ft2) and (24’ x 24’ = 575 ft2)
Function / Activity
Requirements (Fixtures, Equipment etc)
Hobby Space



Stained glass


Sink; task lighting

Tables & chairs

Countertop; cabinets for storage

Venting of area; Kiln


Exercise Room Machines – treadmill; elliptical trainer etc.

Bench; weights;

Need wipe-clean floor surface

Exercise / Workout Space / Yoga / Tai Chi


Need wipe-clean floor surface for mats
Infra-red Sauna




Indoor games: Ping-pong; fooseball; pool


Tables for same; tables & chairs for onlookers
Bike Workshop Space to dissemble & repair bikes;

Storage cabinet for tools and supplies

Vermicomposting (worms) Plastic bins, with drainage holes

Shelving for bins in active use

Space to collect & separate compostable materials

Wine making Sink; countertop ; cabinets for supplies

Storage for large carboys, bottles etc.

Tool “library” Open shelving; hanging racks; storage cabinets

Sign out book for tools

Kitchen appliance “ library”

(for items used irregularly)

Open shelving; storage cabinets

Sign out book for appliances

Woodworking / workshop



Workbench; shelving & storage for hand-tools

Tables & chairs


Gardening (seedlings)


Sink; grow-lamps

Work bench for repotting; storage for tools & supplies

Main Floor – Common Room / Kitchen (combined area of 50’ x 27’ = 1825 ft2)
Function / Activity
Requirements (Fixtures, Equipment etc)
Members’ meetings Chairs; some tables; flip chart

AV equipment

Group dining, pot lucks, pizza nights Tables & chairs;

Use of kitchen for reheating & food service

Exercise – yoga, tai chi, meditation (Participants bring own mats)
Social dancing Live or recorded music; AV equipment

Some tables & chairs; refreshments

Workshop, classes, presentations Tables & chairs; flipcharts; AV equipment
Fabric arts groups (knitting, crochet, quilting etc) Tables & chairs; refreshments
Rental for members’ private events eg anniversaries, birthday parties Tables & chairs; AV equipment; use of kitchen;

Wheeled room dividers / screens

Hang-out area Sofas and easy chairs;

Refreshments; water dispenser in common area

Card games, puzzles, whist, bridge Tables & chairs; refreshments

Storage space for games etc.

Play area for pre-school children Tables & chairs for parents; snack area for kids

Storage for toys & games (larger toys in basement?)

Lounge area for children after school Tables & chairs; storage for games

TV; DVD player;

House concerts, music making; house choir Chairs for audience & performers; AV equipment


Talent nights Chairs for audience; some tables

AV equipment

Movie nights Chairs for audience;  popcorn & drinks

AV equipment

Rental for community (public)  events Tables & chairs; AV equipment ; use of kitchen

Wheeled room dividers / screens

Fundraising events (by members or outside groups) Tables; some chairs

Use of kitchen for refreshments

Co-operative cooking activities or cooking classes

eg canning bee, perogy-making, bread-making

Use of kitchen for food prep

Tables & chairs for participants

Main Floor – Meeting Room (20’ x 14’ = 280 ft2)
Function / Activity
Requirements (Fixtures, Equipment etc)
Waiting area for Handi-Transit users Chairs; table
Co-op board or committee meetings

Community groups (rental?)

Board table (using sectional tables) + 12 chairs
Library Donated books

Open shelving on 1-2 walls

Yoga, tai chi groups No furniture in room
Knitting, quilting groups Tables & chairs
Meditation group Quiet area, no through traffic; no furniture in room
Second Floor – Lounge / Library (21’ x 17’ = 355 ft2) – open to corridor
Function / Activity
Requirements (Fixtures, Equipment etc.)
Reading / quiet room Donated books / magazines  / audio-books / DVDs

Open shelving; easy chairs; low tables

Computer access area

(include adaptations for sight-impaired members)

Computer with Wifi + printer (for member use)

Desk, 2-3 office chairs

Second Floor – Lounge area by laundry (open to corridor)
Function / Activity
Requirements (Fixtures, Equipment etc.)
Hang out area Easy chairs; low table;
Children’s play area


Easy chairs for caregiver(s); low table

Storage cupboard for toys, books etc.

Third Floor – Lounge area by guest suites (open to corridor)
Function / Activity
Requirements (Fixtures, Equipment etc.)
Hang out area Easy chairs; low table;