A view of the planned landscaping for a portion of the OGHC facing Evanson Street.

Old Grace Housing Co-operative will be presenting a green face to the Wolseley community.

The co-op’s landscaping plans call for extensive tree, shrub, and grass planting on all sides of the building that face the public streets (Arlington, Preston and Evanson).

OGHC will be planting:

  • 21 trees
  • over 80 shrubs
  • over 20 varieties of perennial grasses and vines.

Click here for details on our plantings.

OGHC will making extensive use of native and adaptive vegetation in landscaping to reduce the need for irrigation.

Click here to see our here to see our proposed landscaping plan.

OGHC is paying for the removal of one boulevard tree at the entrance of the parking lot on Evanson Street. An additional boulevard tree will be planted on Evanson when construction is complete. This being done in co-ordination with the City of Winnipeg Urban Forestry Department.