Welcome to Wolseley


Wolseley lies between Portage Avenue and the Assiniboine River, bordered on the east by Sherbrook and Maryland Streets and on the west by Raglan Road and Omand’s Creek.



Developed in the early years of the 20th century, it is notable for its stately elms, classic bungalows, and distinctive Queen Anne-style two-and-a-half-story houses.

Over the years it has been home to many of the city’s leading social reformers, including the suffragist Nellie McClung and the minister and politician James S. Woodsworth. In the 1950s, local residents gained international attention for their efforts to prevent the destruction of a nearly 100-year-old elm that city officials wanted to cut down to improve traffic flow.

Wolseley retains its unique and lively character to this day. It has its own monthly newspaper, a distinctive independent shopping district, an active residents’ association, and strong schools that are closely linked to the neighbourhood.

Nearby amenities

Located at Arlington and Preston, the Old Grace Housing Co-operative is surrounded by key amenities.

Within a five minute walk from the co‑operative one will find:


There are two elementary schools within a 10-minute walk of the co-operative (École Laura Secord School and Greenway School) and two more within 20 minutes (Mulvey School and Wolseley School). The Gordon Bell Junior and Senior High School is a 12-minute walk away.


The Co-operative is a five-minute walk to Vimy Ridge Park with its play structure, wading pool, and splash pad. It is a 10-minute walk to either the Robert A. Steen Community Centre or the Orioles Site of the Valour Community Club.

It is a six-minute drive to either the Cindy Klassen Recreation Complex (formerly Sargent Park Recreation Centre) or the Sherbrook Pool. The Cornish Library is a 20-minute walk or a five-minute drive away.

In winter there are hockey and skating rinks at Robert A. Steen and tobogganing at Omand’s Creek. On Sundays from the late spring through early fall, Wolseley is closed to motor traffic, creating a bicycle path that links with Wellington Crescent on the south side of the Assiniboine.

Health care 

The Klinic Community Health Centre is a five-minute walk away. The Misericordia Health Centre is a five-minute drive away while the Health Sciences Centre is 10 minutes away.

Public transit

One can catch buses for five different east-west routes (10, 11, 21, 24, 67) and one north-south route (71) within a five-minute walk of Old Grace Housing Co-operative. By bus, Polo Park is 15 minute away, while Portage and Main is 20 minutes away.


Aside from the numerous restaurants on Portage Avenue, the Sherbrook Street Restaurant Row is just 20-minute walk away.