Your chance to join a waiting list for rent-controlled co-op housing for families.

Old Grace Housing Co-operative has five three-bedroom suites that are reserved for households that qualify for support under the Manitoba Government’s Affordable Housing Rental Program. For 2023 families with children qualify if the household income is under $84,600 and families of 3 adults without children qualify if the total income is under $63,450.

The monthly housing charge is $1,267 and is subject to rent controls.

Four of these suites are townhouses on the northwest corner of Evanson and Preston. The other suite is in our building at 200 Arlington Street. Click here to take a tour of one of these suites.

You can put your name on the waiting list for one of these suites for $50. This money will be refunded to you if you decide to take your name off the list. 

Should you decide to move into one of these suites, you will have to buy between $24,000 and $26,000 worth of shares in the co-op depending on the size of the suite. The money you put in will be refunded to you if you leave. Old Grace may provide financial support to households with incomes under $53,000 to help cover the cost of these shares.

All co-op members have access to the main building at 200 Arlington. They can use the co-op’s common room, meeting room, fitness room, guest room, storage locker room, bicycle storage room, and library. Members also have access to three Peg City Car Co-op cars.

Monthly housing charges include utilities (heating, cooling, hydro, and water). They do not include parking, laundry, telephone, internet, TV, or tenant insurance. Parking, if available, will cost either $85 or $100 per month.

Old Grace Housing Co-operative is pet-friendly and offers a non-smoking environment. 

Click here to learn more about the cost of moving into Old Grace. Click here to place get your name on the waiting list. Click here to learn about the benefits of being a member of a housing co-op.

For further information email or call  204-489-9510

All suites:

  • Are designed so that they can be visited by people in wheelchairs.
  • Are equipped with an electric stove and refrigerator.
  • Are wired and plumbed so that laundry equipment and dishwashers can be installed by residents.
  • Have secure, lockable windows and porch doors.
  • Have triple-glazed, windows with screens.
  • Have individual suite heating and cooling controls.
  • Have nine-foot ceilings in the living room, dining area, and kitchen
  • Have Altima kitchen cabinets with plastic laminate countertops
  • Have water-saving fixtures and fittings

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