Vision, mission, and values of the Old Grace Housing Co-operative


A community where high-quality, affordable and democratically run housing is available to all.


To provide Old Grace Housing Co-operative members with safe, secure, well-maintained, accessible, and affordable homes in a diverse, democratic, and sustainable community.


OGHC strives to reflect the following values:


The Old Grace Housing Co-op is a group of people who live together in a neighborly and caring place. We are helpful, friendly, and have a common goal of living together in harmony. We are intentional in seeking opportunities to expand a sense of connection, belonging and mutual support in our co-op and the larger community.


Old Grace Housing Co-op engages the community to participate in decision making and consultation through free, open and informed discussion. Democracy is inclusive and provides a framework for managing the co-op. Decisions that are made are fair, ethical, and are intended to be understood by the many different people that make up our community.


The Old Grace Housing Co-op members honour the worth and dignity of all people through listening to and responding with empathy, courtesy, and fairness. Mutual respect builds feelings of trust, security, well-being and safety that supports our diverse experiences and perspectives.


The Old Grace Housing Co-op members recognize each individual’s unique value. We encourage support and seek opportunities for each other to share our strengths and skills and build on them within our community.


At Old Grace Housing Co-op, we strive to protect the earth and honour future generations.
We do so by creating structures and practices that are economically and environmentally sound.


Old Grace Housing Co-op strives toward a model of fairness, justice, value and respect for all people. The co-op strives to support the ability of everyone to have an equal voice and to be heard.

Social responsibility

Old Grace Housing Co-op understands social responsibility to be an ethical framework which commits us to engage and co-operate with others (individuals, groups, organizations, communities) for the benefit of all. It includes being aware of how our behaviour as an organization and as individual members has an impact on each other, and on the community in which we live. We aim deliberately to contribute in a positive way to the welfare of our society.

Contribution to Community

OGHC members recognize a shared responsibility for the well-being of our co-operative. Members freely and voluntarily contribute their skills and resources, according to their circumstances, to support our common goals of social harmony and economic and environmental sustainability




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