Joining Old Grace Housing Co-operative

Old Grace Housing Co-operative was created to establish a non-profit housing co-operative on the site of the original Grace Hospital at Arlington and Preston, in Winnipeg’s Wolseley neighbourhood. OGHC occupies two sites: a sixty-suite complex at 200 Arlington and a four-unit townhouse development on the northwest corner of Evanson and Preston. You can learn about OGHC’s Vision, Mission, and Principles here.

Membership in OGHC is restricted to individuals who live in the Co-op.

The first step towards being able to move into any future vacancies in the Old Grace Housing Co-operative is to join the Friends of Old Grace Housing Co-operative. This costs $50 and will be refunded if you decide in the future to withdraw.

OGHC has suites of several sizes and has reserved over half of its suites for individuals who qualify for certain government housing programs.  We have several wait lists that reflect the different unit sizes and funding programs.  For example, our three-bedroom townhouses, are reserved for households that qualify under the Manitoba Housing Affordable Housing Rental Program. (You can learn more about that program here.)The wait lists for different types of unit are of different lengths. For example, the lists for three-bedroom affordable units and accessible units are relatively short. You can learn more about the three-bedroom affordable units here. Other lists are longer and anyone taking a place on those waiting lists now may have to wait several years before being offered a suite. People who decline to take a suite when offered can keep their place on the waiting list. 

  • Friends of OGHC receive a Co-op number based on the date of joining. This number determines your priority in the allocation of suites from OGHC waiting lists.
  • Friends will be given the opportunity to take a place on a waiting list when they apply.

If you would like to become a Friend of OGHC and receive a Co-op Number,  you can:

Download and fill out this form and mail it, along with a cheque for $50 per adult member of your household who you wish to enroll as a Friend to:

Attention: Membership Committee
Old Grace Housing Co-operative
100-200 Arlington Street
Winnipeg, MB R3G 0W6

Or fill out and submit the following online form and make an electronic payment $50 per adult member of your household who you wish to enroll as a Friend to OGHC.

Your application will not be processed until the payment is received.

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