How much would it cost me to live in OGHC?

There are two cost components to living in OGHC.

1) The purchase of member shares.

2) Ongoing monthly housing charges.

Member shares

Member share costs are based on three factors:

1) The size of the unit the household will be occupying.

2) A proportionate share of the cost of the common areas.

3) Whether the Manitoba government has provided support for the purchase of the member shares.

Support for the purchase of member shares

The Manitoba government has made a forgivable loan of $2.8 million to the co-op. This funding will pay a portion of the member shares for 34 households whose annual incomes fall below a specified amount and who meet  Manitoba Housing income- and household-size criteria. 

Income cut-off levels for provincial government support
Year Household without children or dependents Household with children or dependents
2024 $67,900 $90,500

You can find out more about Manitoba Housing income- and household-size criteria here.

OHGC has termed shares whose purchase is supported by Manitoba government funding “Affordable” shares. Shares that are not supported in this way are termed “Market” shares.

The table below shows the current member share costs.

Bedrooms Market Shares Affordable Shares
1 $72,000 $16,000
2 $92,000 $20,000
3 $112,000 $24,000
3-bedroom townhouse  Not available* $26,000
4 Not available* $28,000

*Currently, these units are reserved for members who meet Manitoba Housing income- and household-size criteria.

Housing charges

As a policy decision, the OGHC has determined that monthly housing charges will not exceed the Manitoba Housing Affordable Housing Rental Program Rents. These rents are based on median market rents for similar units in the City of Winnipeg. (Half the market rents for apartments of comparable size are lower than the median, while the other half are higher.)

The following table shows the current monthly housing charges.

Bedrooms Monthly Housing Charge
1 $967
2 $1,225
Small two-bedroom $1,086
3 $1,305
4 $1,483

Monthly housing charges include:

  • utilities (heating, cooling, hydro, and water)
  • use of all common areas
  • one storage locker
  • one basement bike parking spot.

Monthly housing charges do not include parking, laundry, telephone, internet, TV, or member insurance.

Parking, if available, will cost either $85 or $100 per month.

Laundry will cost $2 per washer load and $2 per dryer load.

More information about costs and shares is available in our Frequently Asked Questions.

Support for housing charges

The OGHC has negotiated an agreement with Manitoba Housing to ensure 13 units are available for households qualifying for the province’s rent supplement program. Under this program, the provincial government will pay a portion of the member’s housing charges.

Households that qualify for this support must also comply with the Manitoba Housing policies setting out the number of bedrooms that are allowed per unit. These policies stipulate:

•   not less than one and not more than two persons may occupy a single bedroom.

•   parents and children do not use the same bedroom.

•   single persons 18 and over have a separate bedroom.

•   children five and over do not share a bedroom with another person of the opposite sex.

Further information on Manitoba Housing assistance and requirements can be found here

Cost comparisons


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