Our members, our dreams

Our members are proud of the co-op and what we are creating. To meet some of them, click here.

I’m excited to be able to spend more time doing the things that bring me joy, and less on a house that is too big for me now. Building neighbourliness and friendship with people who share some common values, enjoying the great variety of folks around me, and passing the years with a balance of community and privacy seems like a great goal. I’m proud to be helping create this community.
Shelly Blanco.

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The North Face Rises

This slideshow charts construction of the Preston Avenue Wing starting on May 1, 2017.

Click here to view enlargement.

A brand new co-op for a grand old neighbourhood

Old Grace Housing Co-operative (OGHC) is a new housing co-op in the heart of Winnipeg’s Wolseley neighbourhood. The co-op is currently under construction on the site of the original Grace Hospital and will be ready for occupancy in early 2018.

The 60-suite building’s design both reflects the scale and character of the homes in this well-established community and exceeds Canadian standards for environmental sustainability. The co-operative is committed to providing affordable housing, is open to individuals and families, and will be pet friendly and smoke-free.

Follow these links to learn more about:

Membership and costs

Available suites

Suite design

Our co-operative and its policies


East Side Story
Click on image to see a slideshow of the construction Arlington Street wing of the Old Grace Housing Co-operative.


Weekend construction notice

Construction of the Old Grace Housing Co-operative will proceed on Saturday, June 17, and Saturday, June 24, 2017.

Fully accessible one-bedroom suite available

A fully accessible, 594-square-foot one-bedroom suite is available in Old Grace Housing Co-operative. The building is currently under construction and will available for occupancy by early 2018.

The suite (Unit 44) is reserved for individuals using a wheelchair or who have a medical note indicating that a wheelchair will be required in the future. Click here for floor plan of suite and here for plan of the floor the suite is on.

The suite comes equipped with a bottom-freezer refrigerator, a cooktop , and a wall oven. Click here for information on flooring, cabinetry, countertops.


Refundable member share of $16,000.

Monthly occupancy cost (2018 rate).

For details on share prices and occupancy costs, click here. To qualify for this unit, applicant must meet Manitoba Housing income- and household-size criteria.

Fundraising update

Our fundraising efforts continue to bear fruit.

In March 2017, the Manitoba Community Services Council approved a $9,000 grant to Old Grace Housing Co-operative. The Council provides grants to non-profit community organizations throughout Manitoba.

The grant will be used to purchase appliances for OGHC’s common area.

OGHC wishes to thank the Council for this support. The grant will assist the Co-op in the purchase of the following appliances for the common area kitchen.

  • A commercial-grade refrigerator
  • A commercial-grade upright freezer
  • A wall oven
  • A cooktop
  • A commercial-grade dishwasher
  • A microwave oven

OGHC also wishes to thank the members whose prepared and submitted the grant application to the Council.

In February, the City Centre Community Committee approved a $1,000 grant from the City Centre Land Dedication Reserve (River Heights – Fort Garry Ward allocation) to assist with the cost of landscaping the perimeter of the property. We would like to thank the committee members, Cindy Gilroy, Jenny Gerbasi, and John Orlikow, for their support.

Old Grace brings Peg City Car Co-op to heart of Wolseley

Old Grace Housing Co-operative and Peg City Car Co‑op are teaming up to bring carsharing to Wolseley.

This month Peg City Car Co-op has located a vehicle on the Old Grace lot on the north-west corner of Preston and Evanson.

This car will be available for use by any Peg City member. To find out how you can join Peg City, go to pegcitycarcoop.ca or call (204) 793-3912.

Peg City has over 20 cars located in and around central Winnipeg. Members can book any of these cars online and they can be picked up and returned at any time of day.

Peg City member surveys show that:

  • 91 per cent of members say they can book a car when they need one.
  • 88 per cent were satisfied with the cleanliness of the cars.
  • 97 per cent were satisfied with the overall experience