Our members, our vision

With Old Grace, we know we’re moving into a community that puts great emphasis on community spaces, environmental values, shared decision-making, and flexibility, at a reasonable price.
Craig Fisher and Laura Rempel

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Great suites, a great co-op

Great suites are still available in Old Grace Housing Co-operative, a new housing co-op being built in the heart of Winnipeg’s Wolseley neighbourhood.

The 60-unit building’s design both reflects the scale and character of the homes in this well-established community and exceeds Canadian standards for environmental sustainability. The co-operative is committed to providing housing at cost and is open to individuals and families.

Explore our website and learn more about our organization, our suites, and how to apply for membership.


Trailer on site

The first step in the construction of the Old Grace Housing Co-operative was taken on Monday, July 25, 2016, when Concord Projects cleared the lot at the northwest corner of Preston and Evanson and moved a trailer into place.

Concord Projects trailer on OGHC site, NW corner Preston and Evanson.
Concord Projects trailer on OGHC site, northwest corner of Preston and Evanson.
At long last, shovels in the ground

Construction of Old Grace Housing Co-operative commences this week. The general contractor, Concord Projects, has started preparatory work on the site. It is expected that construction will be completed in fall 2017. The date of the official sod-turning ceremony has yet to be determined.

Parking restrictions

As of July 25, parking on the lot on the northwest corner of Preston Avenue and Evanson Street will be restricted to authorized vehicles. Old Grace Housing Co-operative has the lease for this land and will be using it as a staging area for development of the lot on the southeast corner of Preston and Evanson. OGHC has also submitted a proposal for future housing development on the northwest lot to the Manitoba government.

In advance of construction on July 21, OGHC placed leaflets on the windshields of all cars parked on the northwest lot, informing them that the lot would no longer be available for unauthorized parking.