Joining Old Grace Housing Co-operative

Old Grace Housing Co-operative was created to establish a non-profit housing co-operative on the site of the original Grace Hospital at Arlington and Preston, in Winnipeg’s Wolseley neighbourhood. The 60-suite Phase I  is nearing completion. Phase II, consisting of four three-bedroom townhouses, is expected to commence in spring 2018 with occupancy in late 2018.

Old Grace Housing Co-operative is a membership-based organization. To be a voting member of OGHC, you must be a co-op resident. You are eligible to become a future member of Old Grace Housing Co-operative if you support the Vision, Mission and Principles of the co-op, and how we plan to live together. You can read more about these here.

Future members of Old Grace Housing Co-operative are known as Friends of OGHC.  Friends can:

  1. Apply for a suite in the co-op from the list of available suites.
  2. Take a place on the waiting list for suites that are not currently available.
  3. Receive news and regular updates about OGHC activities.
OGHC is currently not accepting applications for Friends of OGHC. Please check this page in the future.