By-laws, occupancy rules, policies, terms of reference, and house rules

OGHC is committed to employing a consensus-based decision-making model. Members have adopted by-laws, occupancy rules, policies, and house rules that outline member rights and responsibilities, and set out expectations for how co-op members can live well and co-operatively together.

The by-laws set out how the co-op functions as an organization. Changes to the by-laws must be approved by the board and the co-op members, and submitted to the Financial Institutions Registration Branch, which administers the Cooperatives Act of Manitoba.

The occupancy rules set out how the co-op functions as a residential community. Changes to the occupancy rules must also be approved by both the board and the co-op members. The occupancy rules include a series of schedules – forms used by the co-op to confirm agreements made with individual members.

Policies have been adopted to address specific issues, and additional policies are under development. A set of House Rules, intended to serve as guidelines governing behaviour, has also been adopted.

OGHC By-laws 

OGHC Occupancy Rules

Summary of the Occupancy Rules

Articles of Incorporation

Committee Terms of Reference
House rules
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