What to do if someone is sheltering in our building entrance or yard

For the safety of all members, please do not invite people who are sheltering in the entranceway into the building.

People should not do anything that they do not feel comfortable doing. They may wish to send out an email to the Residents’ Forum to alert all members that there is someone in the entranceway. For their safety member may wish to use a different entrance to exit to the building.

The Main Street Project and End Homelessness Winnipeg suggest that you consider doing the following things if you encounter a person sheltering on our property.

  • If the person is awake, say “Hi.”
  • Ask if they need anything such as food, water, clothing, or money.
  • If they need help you can call Main Street Project Outreach: 204-232-5217
  • If a person is in danger due to a medical or safety crisis, call 911.

You can find out more from End Homelessness Winnipeg here.

People experiencing homelessness face a wide range of stereotypes and stigma that do not always reflect reality. Do not assume the person:

  • is dangerous: people experiencing homelessness are far more likely to be victims of violence than to perpetrate it
  • is intoxicated: behaviour you might identify as intoxication could be a symptom of hypothermia, stroke, disability or mental health crisis 
  • has somewhere safe to go: nobody chooses to live without shelter unless their other options seem even less safe to them
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