OGHC Fire Safety & Evacuation Plan

It is important that every co-op member, including children, know how to prevent fire and what to do in case of fire. Follow these links to ensure your family and guests are familiar with the Old Grace Housing Co-op Fire Safety and Evacuation Plan.

Helping to prevent fire in our co-op

If everybody’s suite is fire-safe, there is less chance of a fire in our co-op.

Preparing in case there is a fire

Once you are sure your personal space is fire-safe, there are many things you must do to prepare for a fire.

Supporting residents with mobility issues

Our Fire Safety & Evacuation Plan recognizes the diversity of our community and supports residents with mobility issues.

Counting on volunteers 

Buddies, Floor Captains, Pet Helpers, and Alternates play an important role.

Learning what to do if there is a fire

Knowing what to do in the event of a fire might save your life and the lives of your family members.

Building safety into our design

Rest assured that our co-op has been designed and built to high standards of safety.

Let the floorplans be your guide

Check out these floorplans for 200 Arlington Street to find the closest stairwell, the fire pull stations, and extinguishers.