OGHC Fire safety and evacuation plan

It is important that every co-op resident, including children, know how to prevent fire and what to do in case of fire. Follow these links to ensure your family and guests are familiar with the Old Grace Housing Co-op Fire Safety and Evacuation Plan.

How to prevent a fire in your suite
Make your suite fire-safe so there is less chance of a fire starting in our co-op.
Plan in case there is a fire
Find out where the stairs and exits are from your suite, and every part of the building.
What to do in case of a fire?
When the fire alarm rings, you must leave the building if you can.
What to do if you are sheltering in place when there is a fire
The firefighters have a list of residents who need assistance.
Responsibilities of Buddies, Alternates, and Pet Helpers
Buddies stay with residents who cannot leave the building.
Responsibilities of Fire Wardens and Alternate Fire Wardens
Fire Wardens make sure residents go outside when the fire alarm rings.
Safety feature of our buildings
There are smoke-detectors, heat-detectors and sprinklers in all the co-op suites.
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