What should we do if there’s a fire?

Stay calm. Do not panic or jump! Knowing what to do in the event of a fire might save your life and the lives of your family members.

If you discover a fire or if there is a fire in your suite

If the fire is in your suite, do not attempt to put the fire out. Exit immediately. Take your keys and cellphone.

Close all doors tightly behind you, but leave them unlocked. This includes your patio/balcony door as well as your hallway door.

Activate the fire alarm using a pull station to notify all building occupants.

Phone the Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service at 9-1-1. Never assume this has been done!

Give them the address and location of the fire.

Leave the building immediately. Do NOT use the elevators.

Check your email. The Fire Wardens will send the all-clear message to the Residents’ Forum. Do not return to the building until the all-clear is given.

If you are in your suite and hear the fire alarm

Always take the alarm seriously. Never assume it’s a false alarm.

Before opening the door, feel the doorknob for heat. If it’s not hot, brace yourself against the door and open it slightly. If you feel air pressure or a hot draft, close the door quickly.

If you find no fire or smoke in the corridor

Take your keys and cellphone. Unlock and tightly close the patio/balcony door and the hallway door. Leave by the nearest exit and go to the nearest Muster Point.

If you encounter smoke in the corridor or stairwell

When making your fire evacuation plan, you should memorize the number of doors between your suite and the nearest fire exit. If it’s safe to do so, proceed to this exit. If it is not safe, try taking the corridor to the other side of the building where another stairwell may be clear. If neither direction is passable, return to your suite.

If you cannot leave your suite or have returned to it because of fire or heavy smoke

Close the door, and leave it unlocked for firefighters.

Dial 9-1-1 and tell the Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service where you are.

Use a wet towel, wet sheets, masking tape, or duct tape to seal all cracks around your door where smoke can get in.

Crouch low to the floor if smoke enters the room. More oxygen is available near the floor and the air is cooler and cleaner.

If possible, move to a balcony or the most protected room and partially open the window for air. Close the window if smoke comes in.

Wait to be rescued. Stay calm. Do not panic or jump.

Send an email to the Residents’ Forum to let people know you are in your suite.

Listen for instructions or information which may be given by the firefighters, possibly over loudspeakers.

The co-op’s Fire Wardens will send the all-clear by email to the Residents’ Forum once they have been advised it is safe to do so by the firefighters.

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