What should we do if there’s a fire?

  • Remind yourself to stay calm. The building has many safety features – you have enough time to get out.
  • Explain to your CHILDREN what to do if you are not home. Remind them that they must leave the suite unless there is a lot of smoke in the hallway.
  • You CANNOT use the elevators when the fire alarm is ringing. Use the stairway nearest to your suite.
  1. If you discover a fire in your suite or in the building:
    1. Do NOT try to put the fire out
    2. Pull the fire alarm in your unit and/or in the hall
    3. CALL 911 and give the address (200 Arlington St)
    4. Take your keys and cell phone
    5. Leave immediately (leave your suite doors unlocked)

2. If you hear the fire alarm ringing:

  1. Do NOT ignore the alarm
  2. Get ready to leave the building. Here’s what you need:
    • mask
    • keys
    • cell phone
    • glasses and hearing aids
    • shoes or boots
    • a jacket or coat
    • medications for the next 48 hours
  3. Open your suite door carefully:
  • If hot air or smoke blows in, close the door but leave it unlocked.
  • CALL 911 and tell the fire service where you are.
  • Wait in your suite for the first responders.
  • If smoke is coming into your suite, block the bottom of the door with wet towels.

d. If there is no fire or smoke in the hall:

    • Unlock your suite door and your balcony door.
    • Leave by the NEAREST stairway, if you are on the second or third floor.
    • Leave the building through your porch or patio door, if you are on the main floor.

e. Once outside the building, go to your usual Muster Point.

f. Keep checking your email until the ALL CLEAR has been given on the Residents Forum.

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