OGHC Newsletter, December 11, 2017, Volume II, Number 13

Gearing up for the Arlington move-in

OGHC is currently suite inspections for members who will be moving into the Arlington wing... More

Monthly charges and operating budget

The OGHC board has finalized the monthly housing charges and approved the 2018–19 operating budget.... More

Maintenance committee seeks donations

As we prepare for a winter move-in, the Maintenance Committee is looking for: Light-weight snow... More

Help us market Phase II

It’s important for us to find occupants our four three-bedroom affordable townhouses on the Preston... More

Committee reports: composting

The Site Committee is pleased to announce plans for on-site, multi-family composting. The Green Action... More

OGHC in the news

On December 4, 2017, Winnipeg Fress Press columnist Brent Bellamy  hailed OGHC as “an inspiring example... More

Co-op connections

Principle Six of the International Co-operative Principles is ‘Co-operation Among Co-operatives’. The Co-operative Housing Federation... More

Consider joining e-mail group

OGHC members who have joined the informal e-mail group have been able to seek and... More