Moving tips

Will bike storage be ready?

Yes. On moving day, you can take your bike to the basement bike room.

The bike stands.

Unit numbers will indicate where you can park your bike. At this time, each suite is allocated one bike spot. There will undoubtedly be some shifting around as the height of the vertical stands alternates from higher to lower. Some larger bikes may not fit comfortably on the lower stands, so we will adjust if necessary and as we know more.

Will the storage lockers be ready?

We aren’t sure at this time. More to come.

Where will I store my patio furniture if my balcony isn’t ready?

Upon move-in, we will be able to use basement space to store items that might need to go into storage lockers (if they aren’t ready) or onto balconies.

Will the laundry be ready when we move in? When and how will we get our laundry card?

The laundry may be one of the common areas that is not quite ready when we start moving in. Cards will be distributed after you move in from the co-op office. More on both of these later.

Can Fido come along?

Please find alternate arrangements for your pets on your moving day. Once you take possession of your unit, feel free to introduce them to their new home. But during your move, there will be a lot going on and it will be very stressful for your pet. The last thing we want is anxious pets breaking free, running away and getting lost or hurt. If you don’t have a place to keep your pet safe on moving day, please speak with Randa.

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