Questions about changes in membership structure.

  1. What happens to people who aren’t moving in yet?

People who were previously members and have decided not to take a suite in the co-op will now be known as Friends of OGHC. Most Friends of OGHC have joined the co-op to be on the Waiting List for suites. However, you can be a Friend even if you don’t plan to move in. Some long-time supporters of the co-op are in this situation.

  1. Will I lose my place on the Waiting List?

No, your place on the Waiting List for suites is based on the date you joined OGHC. This has not changed. What was previously termed your member number will now be referred to as your Registration Number. 

  1. What happens to my $50 payment?

If you stay on the Waiting List for suites, your $50 payment will be kept in trust by OGHC. It will now be called your Deposit.

When you accept an available suite, your $50 Deposit will be converted into one $50 Member Share. You will have to pay for additional Member Shares, according to the size/type of suite you have asked for. After you pay the remaining shares for your suite, you will become a voting member of the co-op.

  1. Can I get my $50 back?

Yes, if you don’t want to stay on the Waiting List for suites you have two options:

  1. You can donate your $50 payment to OGHC. Your donation will help pay for landscaping, equipment and interior furnishings. Your gift will be acknowledged. Your name will be taken off the Waiting List for suites. You will receive no further mailings or invitations from the co-op.
  2. You can ask for a refund of your $50 payment. This will be processed promptly. Your name will be taken off the Waiting List for suites. You will receive no further mailings or invitations from the co-op.

If you either donate your $50 or have it refunded to you, your formal relationship with OGHC, including your place on the waiting list and your designation as a Friend, ends

  1. How will people join Old Grace Housing Co-op in the future?

Instead of applying for membership, people who are interested in joining OGHC will fill out an Application to Become a Friend of OGHC and pay a $50 deposit. The deposit can be paid by electronic transfer or by cheque. If Friends want to become co-op residents, they must also fill out an Application for Housing. This form asks for detailed information about their family’s housing needs. Priority on the Waiting List is determined by the date of joining OGHC.

  1. Can Friends continue to be involved with Old Grace Housing Co-op?

Yes, Friends of OGHC do not have voting rights but will:

  • continue to receive the co-op newsletter and other relevant communication
  • be invited to co-op events (barbeques, garage sales, meetings, work days etc.)
  • be able to join workgroups or committees, or contribute to future co-op projects.
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